Our Environmental Policy

Wherever possible at Ardgarry Farm we try to run our business in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. We all have a duty of care to help preserve the planet for future generations. We know how much you, our customers appreciate the beautiful surrounding, countryside and wildlife you have chosen to visit, and so we ask you to help as well.

  • We are committed to conserving our natural resources, so we ask our bed and breakfast guests who are staying more than one night; A towel on the rail means “I will use it again” A towel on the shower floor means “Please exchange”
  • We currently recycle all glass, metal cans, plastic, paper, batteries and print cartridges throughout all our accommodation
  • Eco friendly washing up & laundry liquid and to accommodate septic tanks
  • Micro-fibre cloths, steam cleaner for cleaning
  • Smaller kettles where guest accommodation is for 2 people to reduce the amount of electricity used to boil a kettle
  • We closely monitor our electricity usage and ask self catering and bed and breakfast guests to do the same
  • Service boilers regularly
  • Only use internet based marketing. We print no marketing literature as all of our business is via internet and return visitors, 99% of booking confirmations & directions are made using email
  • Paper for printer is from sustainably managed resources PEFC or recycled
  • We provide bird feeders and bird baths, which assist the wild birds especially over the winter period. We also provide squirrel feeders which are actively used by the red Squirrel's on a daily basis
  • Low Energy lighting is used throughout all our guest accommodation
  • Provide walking, Cycling and most outdoor pursuits information, both local and further afield in all accommodation
  • Toilet paper and kitchen towels are from recycled products
  • Use Local and Fair Trade provisions where possible
  • Encourage guests to use Scottish and local produce
  • Rechargeable batteries, torches, wind up torches wherever possible
  • 99% of windows and where appropriate doors are double glazed
  • Please remember we have a duty of care to look after the environment for the future generations. Help us make this happen Reduce, Re-use and Re-cycle.

Working in a more sustainable way, reducing our carbon footprint, minimizing impact on the environment and encouraging our guests to do the same, does not mean that we compromise on the quality or comfort of our 3/4 Star accommodation.